In which you tell me how to grow out my hair

Did you know vlogging is the new blogging?

Oh? No?

Well, too bad then.

I need your advice on growing out my hair and I figured it's best that you just SEE the problem instead of me telling you about it. I look forward to your – as always – sage advice on this very important issue in my life. PROCEED!

How do you grow out short hair? from Manda on Vimeo.

And if that wasn't bad enough? For your reference:


Photo on 2011-03-18 at 16.58 #4


Photo on 11-6-11 at 2.32 PM


Photo on 8-22-11 at 6.53 PM


Photo on 8-23-11 at 12.01 PM

NOW (please save me from myself)

Photo on 6-14-12 at 12.41 PM


7 thoughts on “In which you tell me how to grow out my hair

  1. Mauralessa says:

    you look like Jessica Simpson with long hair, which I mean in the best possible way. I think she is hawt.

  2. A'Dell says:

    Okay. I will share my long-term hair strategy with you.

    I am going to keep my hair long until it starts to go grey. I figure when it starts to go grey, it will be easier to color it and keep up with the color when it’s shorter, and shorter hair will make the grey less noticeable. Also, I can experiment with color more on shorter hair and it’s cheaper. Also, long hair on older ladies CAN look kind of weird and I don’t want to be one of those ladies. (You know, SOME day. Not today.)

    So, I vote grow it out (which you’ve already decided on) since you’re still young. I DO quite like your hair in that chin-length bob (I think it makes you look really skinny). But, as discussed above, there will be MANY MANY YEARS for the short hair look and I’m not going there too soon and maybe you don’t want to either.

    If the layers/hole on the side are bothering you, have it evened up (but not textured because it will look super shaggy as it grows) in maybe a straight cut and then just get like, one hair cut a year.

    Also maybe take prenatals to make it grow faster? Or is that basically the same as Biotin?

    And if you’re going to give up frequent hair cuts? Buy some fun hats if it makes it more tolerable. I love the Piper and Paisley ones on Etsy.

    But, your hair looks good! I like your hair very much. And yet, I totally get the need for a change.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Oh Manda. I love you so much. Why why why do we not live closer so that we can hang out and you can make me laugh and feel happy every day?

    Ok, so I can tell that you haaaaate your hair, so I think I would go get it cut one more time, so that you at least like it as it grows out. I think hair cut number one (the first short one after the MOP) is SUPER cute and something that like that might make you happier with your hair while you grow it out. My hair always makes me happier as I grow it when it’s not a crappy cut, even if they just trim it up and bit. A nice cut can go a long way, you know?
    I too am growing my hair out until I get sick of it and get it all chopped off but my hair does grow super fast, but I do want to get it all tidied up so it’s not all manky as I grow it out, you know? Sketchy layers are no one’s friend when they are right at your neck/chin line and totally obvious, which is how mine are right now due to my last craptacular cut.

  4. Emily says:

    So, your hair DOESN’T look bad right now. I would NOT get it cut just now – even in an effort to even it up – I think it will get you more frustrated.

    I don’t know if I just have crazy fast hair growth or if I’m just ridiculously good at ignoring things (probably the later), but I just wore mine in a pony tail or barrettes until it grew long enough.

    Once it gets a little longer go in for a trim to start evening it up.

  5. Julie says:

    I feel ya, Sister. I have had more bad haircuts than I can remember, including one a few weeks away that I finally beginning to accept, and only now because I got in touch with my old hairdresser who can fix it up a bit (I think I need more layers as it’s very wide right at my cheeks, so it gives me jowls unless I spend quality time with my flat iron). But those first few days, I cried every time I looked in the mirror. Hair you just don’t like, no matter what anyone else says, is a huge bummer. No good.

    So. My two cents. I would give it a little bit of time to grow enough so that when you do get the layers cleaned up, it won’t be too short for your liking. Maybe that’s a month, maybe a bit more. This being summer, do you typically throw it in a ponytail anyway? f so, let it grow. Or you could plan out a growth schedule, so to speak, with your stylist, so that you get a tiny trim every so often (once a month? every 6 weeks? Something like that) to promote growth.

    Or you could come visit me and I’ll take you to the only person I can truly trust to cut my hair right and actually listen to what I say. (I’ve learned my lesson with the substitute stylists.)

    I keep hearing these radio commercials for Ovation Cell Therapy that promise thicker, fuller, more quickly growing hair, and by keep hearing I mean for years I’ve heard about this stuff. It’s not cheap, but it’s supposed to do wonders and there are a lot of testimonials. I’ve often wondered about trying it when I want to grow out a bad cut. Maybe?

    The last thing I have to offer is my ear. I’m happy to listen to any hair complaints or successes anytime. Hair is important. You should feel good about it.

    Also, you do look pretty darn cute in that video.

  6. sara says:

    So, I dont know if you were in my life when I had a “duck butt” hair cut. If you were then you remember how horrible that hair cut was. I think you were post duck butt season though. Anywho, when I was growing my hair out ( I remember being in your shoes, the very frustrating want to be proactive but realize you cant moment) I got to a point where I would get a small trim every six months and that was it. No matter how frustrating it was I just decided to bite the bullet and deal with it. I used lots of pretty hair clips and pony tails to help me survive.
    I’d recommend waiting till its about 2-3 inches longer before you cut it to fix the hole you mentioned. Give it a nice even cut and then keep the frequency of your visits to about once every 6 months (trim). Also, maybe try prenatal vitamins. I’m not sure if you can take those when your not pregnant or not trying to get pregnant. I’ve heard you can and that it makes your hair, nails, and skin very nice. Also, a friend of mine has a similar hair cut and she found videos on youtube of little french braids on the side of her head. Also, FYI your hair looks cute. I wouldnt consider you “biting the bullet,” if you kept this hair cut for a while. 🙂
    Hope that helps.

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