A tirade on lunch, ear buds & a blog that makes me LOL

Right now I have a lot of darkness rolling around in my brain that I need to write about. But I can't get it out. And I keep getting interrupted. And I'm frustrated with it.

So! For now! Happy things! Links!

1. I am trying to eat healthier to support my recent return to running and exercise, and it's helping my general outlook on life and making me – at times – easier to live with. My husband said to me the other day that when he asked me how I was doing and I said my standard issue "I'm tired" the way I said it was just … different. In a better kind of way. Yes, let's all join together in a moment of silence for this poor man. He is truly terrorized.

The meal of the day that offers the most challenge remains to be lunch. First of all, the little people are near-feral at lunch. Elijah is usually pretty tired and is currently in a picky stage so lunch is usually a wash for him. I try! I tried depriving him of morning snacks! I try to feed him little snacky things for lunch that I know he will love! And yet! He takes two or three bites and then flips the rest onto the floor and screams to be let "OU!" of his booster. Syd is also hit and miss at lunch. Sometimes she's starving to the point of rage and will inhale a hot dog (or two!) or half a hummus and cucumber sandwich, fruit, crackers, cheese, pasta, salad and ask for more. Other days she picks apart her peanut butter and jelly, licks it a few times, declares herself "DONE!" and hops up to turn on the television (which, NO). And then, cue meltdown.

And then there's poor ME. What on earth am I supposed to eat for lunch that is easy and healthy? I mean, if I went with easy – as I often do – I would end up eating a licked peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some strawberries off the floor (which, uh, AHEM, I NEVER do. AHEM). But if I go with healthy I have to, like, prepare something for myself. Which takes work. WHY does healthy food require so much work? Because frankly I am tired from making breakfast and dinner every day too.

(I hate lunch.)

Well. I'm glad I found this white bean and tuna salad recipe (via Whoorl). Because it tastes really good, it contains none of the evil mayo that I like so much, is packed with protein and is very filling. Also my husband likes it. Which, wait? Could be a problem because then he EATS IT ALL. I make a large batch with two cans of Albacore tuna (packed in water, not olive oil. So then I use like three or four big glugs of olive oil instead of the called-for one), four celery ribs, extra everything. It's yum. You should try it. I eat mine with seven reduced fat Triscuits (one serving size).


{okay, maybe eight reduced fat Triscuits. Not pictured: vat of hummus.}

2. And! Got myself a new pair of headphones this week to replace the ones that my kids destroyed by popping off the earbuds. They are these Skullcandy earbuds. I like them because they fit my freakishly small ear canal holes, for one, and also they are pink and red and unapologetically girlie. My husband says they produce sub-par audio quality, but he is an Audiophile Snob. They come with a second set of smaller earbud covers for those of us who have Freakishly Small Ear Holes (I should start a club!) and they fit snugly in my ears and stay put when I run. SO! When I opened the blister pack on my new earphones this morning and one of the ear bud cover thingies (technical language is one of my gifts) flipped off into the air and off into the great unknown this morning I about LOST IT. I searched everywhere. I cleaned the floor in the hopes that it would wind up stuck to the end of the mop pad. I pulled out the fridge vent and cleaned it out (GROSS) hoping to find it. I mean, DUDE. I bought the new earphones JUST for the stupid smaller earbud cover thingies and now it is LOST. RAGE!!! So then like an hour later I was clearing off the area next to the microwave, where the Earbud Flipping Incident occured and there it was on the counter, just as plain as day. My lunacy knows no bounds, but yay! My new earphones will be joining me on my next run. Now if I could just remember to make a new playlist and actually load it onto my phone.


3. I met Erica at the Blathering in Austin last year and I cannot believe that I didn't read her blog before that. I'm ashamed of myself. You should read it too … she's hilarious! She has cute kids! And there's food! Winning combination if you ask me!

How's your summer going? Do you ALSO hate lunch? Then you are in good company. Let's raise our reduced fat Triscuits in a toast of solidarity, homies.


3 thoughts on “A tirade on lunch, ear buds & a blog that makes me LOL

  1. Dr. Maureen says:

    What about beans & rice & salsa & guac burritos/tacos/nachos? You could cook a bunch of beans and rice on one day and have it all week. Only problem is guacamole is better fresh, but beans/rice/salsa is still yummy without the guac. And you can also chop a few days’ worth of toppings at once, too, like tomatoes, lettuce, uh… I actually only like tomatoes and lettuce and cheese and sour cream, and the last two don’t require pre-chopping, so, score.

  2. Jesabes says:

    I usually skip lunch-making altogether in favor of making huge vats of dinner and feeding everyone leftovers for lunch the next day. It helps I love eating leftovers. If you’re making healthy things for dinner, why do it twice a day?

  3. Erica says:

    I LOVE lunch because it’s a no-pressure meal and I can have whatever weird combination I feel like but I can’t expand too much because I am BLUSHING TOO HARD to think right now.

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