Currently obsessed with: Trays

Ever since I saw this post by my friend Christina over at Style Lush, I am suddenly obsessed with trays, trays, TRAYS! I have some things in common with Christina: Small, unattractive kitchen? Check! SAHM to two wild children? CHECK! Cooks a lot and needs to be organized in the kitchen? CHECKITY! Has time for crafts? Ch-NOPE.

You guys know I enjoy spray painting. Like A LOT. Don't believe me? See here. Or here. Or here! It seems like all I did last summer was spray paint! But now? Sydney doesn't nap. So the only spray-painting time a woman has this summer is when said child is not up in her business. Which right now is NEVER (even though there is most blessedly summer camp this month. Three days a week!). Well, good thing that something else I also really enjoy doing is spending money! And I can handle a trip to Target with just Elijah while Syd is at school (most of the time. Homeboy does NOT like to be contained in a cart unless there are copious amounts of snacks. It's kinda like wrestling and shopping all at once with an occasional ICEE dump on the floor thrown in. Fun! NOT). I have a little area where I keep utensils and olive oil and kosher salt next to the toaster – it's kinda scary similar to Christina's setup, actually – and off I went to Target to find the perfect rectangle tray. And LO! They had one! For like $20 and it was SO PERFECT! It's also dishwasherable. Which is my new word I just made up.


Classy! If you don't look at the horrid tile, that is.

So, if one good tray deserves another, let's GET ON THIS! Around the corner were MORE TRAYS! Melamine ones that my heathens cannot shatter! WOO!

I found this white one for my indoor herb garden/napkin area (an essential area to have staged in your home, don't you agree?). It's not dishwasherable, but we'll forgive it this one time:


And fell in love with this one and had to go back for it this week:


Now I can like, serve a lot of stuff. Actually, jokes aside, I have found that trays are very useful! I can take drinks to the table in one trip, hand my husband everything he and the kids need to set the table for dinner, carry all my snacks to bed at night in one trip, take a lot of stuff outside for a playtime snack or dining al fresco. I love them! They contain loose items from around the house, anything from framed photos to baby wipe containers to keys and change, the kids can sit with one in their lap with crayons and a coloring book and nothing rolls off … I think we'll be bringing more trays home in the months to come. Because! We need to carry stuff! And corral stuff! And … I just like them!

In the meantime, I do have something in the queue for spray painting:


Found this cute little Elijah-sized chair on the curb last trash day! I had like a quarter mile to go on my run but OOPS! Free stuff won. I walked home with my prize and my boy sitting in this chair is the cutest thing so it was totally worth it! Too bad it's flaking paint all over the floor. And also too bad no one would sit nicely in it with their hands folded for Mama to take a photo. Le sigh.


2 thoughts on “Currently obsessed with: Trays

  1. christina says:

    Horray for trays! I have them EVERYWHERE! Oh my gosh, they really are a thing. Wait untill you start using them for food storage- loose shit in the pantry? CONTAINED! the one I used in my SL post is in the dollar spot for $2.50, it’s perfect for applesauce cups and granola bars and the like.

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