Spotlight on: Lola&Cash Etsy store (jewelry)

Last December I hosted a necklace giveaway when I was training to run the LA Marathon. I came across the Lola&Cash Etsy store and instantly fell in love with Vikki's African Love pendant necklace. I knew as soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect to give one away to a reader (and frankly? I also knew I really, really wanted one for myself). When I contacted Vikki and told her what I was doing, she graciously provided the necklace for the giveaway as a show of support for what we were doing to raise money for clean water in Africa. I couldn't believe her generosity! I was so, so excited to give that necklace away!

Africa Pendant Necklace African Continent Pendant in Sterling silver South Africa Map African Love

And not gonna lie, I love wearing mine. I wear it all the time and I get so many compliments on it! Whenever John is in Africa I wear it around the clock. I think of him constantly when he's gone, but it's my way to show my support and keep him close to my heart.


I had to replace the original chain almost immediately. My son grabbed it and yanked hard and snapped it about 10 minutes after I wore it for the first time.


Thanks, kiddo. The original chain was so pretty and delicate. SIGH.

Anyway, Lola&Cash has a ton of cute, affordable, handmade jewelry that you should definitely check out! Many pieces are customizable and you can feel good about buying from an artist who lives in South Africa and supports clean water for East Africa! I know I do!

Some of my favorites are these adorable heart-shaped sweetheart love stud earrings:

sweetheart love studs tiny heart earrings jewelry for love bridesmaids gift

This fun tandem bicycle necklace:

bicycle necklace tandem bike pendant sterling silver handmade hipster bike love

And I seriously love this Africa map and heart pendant necklace. You can customize the heart with any name you want!

Africa map and heart pendant Africa charms personalized hearts mommy necklace
If you're looking for a gift that's unique and a little quirky, Lola&Cash is a great store and Vikki's creations are gorgeous. I look forward to doing another giveaway from her store someday soon! Stay tuned!

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