Dear Chicago.

The time has come. Race week is here. We are in Chicago!

I only cried three times on the plane for missing our kids!


Being here again is like visiting an old, familiar friend.


So far, we have raised $250. Five people have received the clean water they need for the rest of their lives. Here are four of the people you have helped:



I am here to run. I have met other regular people who are running the race and hugged and high-fived them. Today I met 9 elite Kenyan runners, and among them was Wesley Korir, who is projected to win the race. WIN THE WHOLE THING! I am so PUMPED to be here! This race is so alive! I am so ready! I am so blessed and humbled to be on this team. Running for this purpose has altered my life for good.


(l to r: me, some tall dude, a lady in a black vest, and my new BFF Wesley.)

Through this training God has – finally – made me into a runner.

Because I'm a runner, I'm a better wife. I'm a better mother. I'm a
better friend. I'm a better daughter and sister. I'm a better servant to
my community.

And because I'm a runner with Team World Vision, it's not enough just to run the race. There is more than personal gain, closure, and physical challenge here. There are lives at stake.

All it takes is $50 to provide one
person in Africa with clean water for the rest of their life.
It is so
simple. All it takes is a small amount of action on our part to do
something huge in the life of another person. I mean, here I am training
for and running these crazy long races. I'm no one special. I'm a very
typical American mom. And yet I have stumbled back onto my front lawn some
days with 20 miles of training behind me.

It amazes me that so little can go so far. But it really, really can.

I will run the marathon on Sunday and I will run it with all of my heart. I will pour everything I have out on that course. But you? You are the one who goes the distance when you give someone who is thirsty a drink.

I'm ready. Let's do this.


Click here to donate.


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