On the verge

So. Tomorrow Sydney turns 5. She's been in kindergarten for two weeks.

Lucy is nearly 8 weeks old and is mostly sleeping through the night (KNOCK ON WOOD).

On Sept. 9 Elijah starts preschool two days a week.

I am done being pregnant. I AM DONE. After a come-to-Jesus talk with my OB about the state of my torso at my 6 week checkup – he in no uncertain terms told me that another pregnancy would undo all the surgery I just had – I'm pretty solid on that side of the fence. My body has sung it's swan song. I am relieved. I am at peace with it. I looked down at my sweet little warm baby asleep on my chest last night and soaked it in, knowing that she completes our family.

I registered for the LA Marathon in March. I made a date with my friend/training partner to run in the early morning hours tomorrow. I am back on Team World Vision.

This is not to say that I am settled into my new life. We still have a long way to go. But I can almost smell it around the corner … the turn of events that is about to unfold. We are embarking on a new chapter. I am almost ready to take a deep breath.

It feels really good.



2 thoughts on “On the verge

  1. agirlandaboy says:

    This is so lovely. I’ve been feeling a similar sense of This Is a New Phase but I hadn’t quite put all the pieces together like you did. (I will not, however, be running a marathon.)

  2. larmar says:

    Sleeps through the night?!?!!??!
    So happy to hear. I am struggling with being done at three. But I don’t ever EVER want to get pregnant again. So who knows what options lie down the road for us.
    I was thinking about going for a run this evening. I will high-five you in my head!
    Glad you are doing well, Manda!

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