Writing about writing (and other taboo subjects)

Oh hello! Still alive! Remember how a year ago I had a third kid? And I'm not exaggerating … she turns one on July 4. DUDE. Was that a whirlwind.

Over the past few months I have been feeling really drawn to dust off the old blog. I have mocked up some redesigns, made a banner or two, even purchased a URL and talked to a friend about tech/boring website thingies. But I haven't had much to say in a while. Or? I have had things to say but I'm not quite sure how to say them. Or? I have things to say but I simply can't.

1. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Hi, I have three kids now. I don't even have time to shower every day. Or even take a decent bathroom break. Sometimes when I open my computer I have to go through so many updates to even get it to a place where I can write it's not even worth it. My debit card got stolen! Again! Please update all your billing crap! Hi! You haven't backed up your computer in more than 13 days! Get on that! Hey-o! You have a billionty updates to install! HA HA NICE TRY. And don't even get me started on what happens to my childrens' brains when the laptop comes out to the table in the family area.

2. Oh wait, let's YES talk about that.

My children are extroverts, my oldest especially. This was solidified when I recently visited my friend Maggie and her family. Her kids? All introverts who never get dirty. Like, huh? She tells them, "Go prepare a show for me! I am reading and you are not allowed upstairs!" And her kids disappear for hours! It's bizarre. I tell my kids to leave me alone while I'm on the toilet and they can't even handle THAT. Yesterday in the span of 5 minutes I was brought my phone (I did not WANT my phone, but THANK YOU SYDNEY) and of course, I received a phone call about 30 seconds later from someone who was showing someone else how Siri works (AHEMHUSBANDAHEM) and then? I streaked out with my pants around my ankles when I heard the whirring of the paper shredder. I guess my 3 year old CAN figure some stuff out on his own. Thank goodness he still had all ten fingers.


A. Most of the people I know in real life also know about this blog. I feel limited sometimes about what I can or can't say on my blog (and believe it or not, bloggers – well some of them – DO limit what they talk about).

B. Over the last year I have developed some amazing friendships with Real People. That I hang out with in the flesh, face-to-face, like all the time. It's pretty awesome. So instead of sitting around in my pajamas on Friday mornings writing blogs, I'm sitting around my table in my pajamas drinking coffee with my BFFs while our kids tear apart my house. It's pretty sweet.

C. We have had a tough year. One of our dearest friends suddenly passed away at age 39. We had to put Henry down. Lotta work stress. Lots of real life drama in our community.

4. Adventures

We have been traveling for like a month solid. My calendar is kinda hilarious, actually, all the weeks of this month were basically marked off with either family trips or John traveling for work. I came home on crutches from this last one with a bungled up miniscus … so I also have that fun thing going for me.

5. Injury

I AM ON CRUTCHES. Which is actually far more dangerous than me just limping around. When I went to the emergency room they put me in a wheelchair for a bit and I crashed it into the wall trying to turn it around.

6. I am generally pissed off at the internet right now.

So, blogging. It's one of those things right now that I love/hate. Most of my old blogging (Blathering!) ladies don't write much, and we all definitely confess to each other that we don't read many blogs anymore either. Lots of endorsed writing going on. Lots of finger wagging and scolding going on. Maggie and I talked about it a bit when we visited and she said something to me that stuck with me, though. She said that she'd write on her website even if no one read it. I needed to hear that. And I thought about how hurt I was when my former ad group dumped me … even through I deserved it because I hadn't written anything in a long, long time. I thought about how maybe I wasn't writing for myself anymore and the fact that I was only motivated to write for fear of losing ad revenue was kind of stupid. So here I am.

7. I am disorganized.

Like, so much. But I am working on it, and part of getting organized means that I can have a little time to punch on the keyboard. I now have a paper calendar again, a notebook for all my lists and to-dos (that has been CLUTCH), and I've started writing things in an honest-to-God journal again. I am working on getting rid of clutter everywhere in our home and it has bought me so much time it's ridiculous. I can feel my brain clearing a little bit.

SO! I don't know. I don't have some way to tie this up. But! Yup. This little blog just won't quit.


7 thoughts on “Writing about writing (and other taboo subjects)

  1. Erica says:

    My parents become very anxious if I don’t post twice a week. So I do. NO ONE TELL THEM ABOUT HOW BLOGGING IS DEAD.

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