There has been something very draining and difficult about the change to this new platform. Some of it has been the labor of the technicalities (although it is long overdue for me to learn WordPress and I am excited about what’s to come! Despite the fact that I’m older and haven’t slept much since 2008 I am sorta stoked to learn a New Thing). The other thing is … change is just hard. I have been at my soon-to-be former website since 2007! I hosted advertisements there! I worked really hard to generate worthwhile content and create internal links and … I am letting some of that go. I have been warned against damaging my Google street cred! I have been asking myself if I care. I asked my friends if I care. And you know what? I don’t think I do. I think I’m ready for the next level. I think I’m ready for a bit of slate-wiping. I’m ready for a bit of upward momentum and going back to a place where I did this for myself. Where I just sat down and typed some words and really didn’t give a shit because it was fun and I like expressing myself this way. And did you read that? I JUST SAID SHIT. That was kinda awesome. Did you know that I say “shit” a lot in real life? I do. Hi Mom!

I’m sure I will be doing some designing and Facebook-linking and other kinds of things here and I will do that because I enjoy doing that. Blogging has been, for better or worse, a long-time hobby of mine. I like that it’s voice-driven and fluid and eternally editable. So. Hello. I’m Manda. This is my new blog space. Nice to meetya.


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