It starts with Steve

By Laura Rinas

I’m taking a break from my regularly scheduled Oops I Failed At Life Again posts to bring you this family.

I went to college with Ashley. Ashley’s sister is Amanda. Amanda married John Huddle. Amanda and John had three babies, pretty closely to my three babies. Amanda’s middle son is named Elijah. Amanda and I live parallel lives.

Amanda and John run with World Vision. John just ran 40 miles to raise money for kids he may never meet, so they would have a chance at a better life.

Amanda and John are amazing. They Church like nobody else I have ever seen. They Church how we should all be Churching. They don’t Church to a specific demographic. They don’t poll their Church to see what would pull in more crowds. They Church in their homes, with food, and love, and games, and laughter, and tears, and life. They Church by opening up their space to everyone who shows up.

Including a man named Steve. Steve lost not only his best friend, but also his home, and found a space under a bush to sleep. The Huddles found him some temporary housing, but after plenty of prayer and I am sure a little bit of a hail mary pass, they have relocated their entire family to their new house in LA, and are fixing up the basement for Steve to come live with them. I know so many people who yell that we need to do more for our homeless. I know fewer people who actually hand them money when they see them with a sign. I know two people who would literally relocate their entire family just to have enough space for one homeless man. And that is John and Amanda.

This world is in a terrible place right now. And through the graces of social media, we have a lot of SAYERS, but not a whole lot of DOERS. The Huddles are doers. They are out there, unconcerned with the undulations of opinions, taking Jesus to the doorsteps of the broken.

Our world is suffering because there aren’t enough DOERS. So let’s help the ones that are. Talk it over with your spouse, talk it over with Dave Ramsey if you have to. But if you find your heart pulled in their direction, they need about $5000.00 to finish the renovations of their basement to be livable for Steve. I can promise you that this money will blow the top off of their ministry there. It starts with Steve. I can’t imagine that that is where it will end.

John and Amanda have figured out that, with God in them and for them, they need but whisper and mountains will come crashing down. And since I can’t hand over $5000 on my own, I am putting it on your Thought Plate.

Here is their story, and it includes a link to where you can donate (tax-deductible).



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