Where the rubber meets the road

As things go, tomorrow is Steve’s birthday, Feb. 8. The day we hoped he would be moving into his new apartment! And as things go … tomorrow is the day that construction begins again in earnest. We finally met with our contractor today (he has been tied up with other jobs and has been unavailable for the last few weeks) and he is helping us move forward with our plans to bring Steve home. Tomorrow the last bit of demolition is happening. And then we (well, the professionals) begin to put it all back together. We are still working on the timeline, but we hope and pray that it will be done by the end of the month (will you join us in those hopes and prayers?).

Forward movement requires fight sometimes. We moved into our new home, which was only about 80% completed, between Thanksgiving and Christmas (and through that I learned why most people move in the summer months! What an absurd time to move!). Our dear friend Howard, who graciously volunteered his expertise to re-plumb our entire house, lost both of his parents within six weeks of each other while we have been working on the house and apartment. This last month John has been laser-focused on Feb. 14 — the LA Marathon, which is his big Team World Vision event of the year. The fall and winter is, and always is, our busiest time of year. The punctuation of loss in the lives of our friends during this time has been so very hard.

On Friday, Feb. 4 it was discovered that our friend Midge passed away. She was 67 years old, on dialysis because she had zero kidney function and diabetes, and yet we were not expecting her passing. She just laid down in her bed and went to sleep and that was it. She was our church community’s fiesty mascot. Everyone knew and loved her. She was a dear friend. Her passing has been a difficult blow.

This, we find, is where we learn what we are made of — in our family that is how it goes anyway. When things are quiet and sweet it is wonderful, of course. We soak it in and declare naively each time that we have “finally” arrived at a place and peace and ease and expect it to stay! But then the storm rolls in as it always does. You come to the point in the road that leads upward. You see the rocks and obstacles in the path just ahead and can only wonder at what’s to come. And then you decide to stick, or you decide to quit.

If you’re wondering, we decide to stick.

If you would like to donate to help us meet our goal of $5,000 to make Steve’s apartment livable, we are currently $700 short of that minimum goal. We are also hoping to build a contingency budget of an additional $1,000-2,000 after checking back in with our contractor today. Any donation helps and goes directly to building this home! We love you all and are so thankful for your support and prayers as we fight for Steve, who turns 69 years old tomorrow. Would you consider making a tax-deductible donation in honor of his birthday and the new life that awaits him?


And to update you on Steve, he has been fighting (and winning!) too! He got approved for MediCare and recently received his benefits card! He did this all on his own! He is now working toward setting a date to get a surgery that will help him address his prostate issues and will greatly improve his quality of life. Having his home ready to recuperate in will be a tremendous blessing to him!


Our sweet Midge waving in the grey sweater and blue shirt. Steve is on the couch next to the bookshelf with the white and red hat. This photo is from Dec. 3, our first home church meeting in our new home.


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